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Florist Choice Flowers

Sometimes you need a little help in selecting the right bouquet for your occasion. Our Florist Choice Flower options are the perfect way to help you do this. With Florist choice you can order online, select the occasion the gift is for, and select the colour choice and bouquet type. Leave the rest up to the talented florist to design a bouquet with their special creative touch. Florists love to do these types of orders as it gives them a chance to let their imaginations run wild and be the true artisans that they are.

Please note: Designer choice flowers are all custom made. Flowers will vary from pictured.

All Florist Choice flowers are unique and original designs crafted with extra care and personal touches by the local florist. They truly do exhibit the best of our florists talent and you can choose the price that you want to spend. The florist will arrange your bouquet or arrangement with the freshest and most distinctive flowers up to the normal market value.

One of the benefits with going with Florist Choice flowers is that the florist can choose from the flowers they were able to pick up from the local market that day, which gives you access to flowers that are in season and better priced. This allows florists to create larger gifts with more flowers. You get a great valued bouquet or arrangement that is unique and sure to delight!